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  • FULL HD is a CCD video camera for latest genertion with excellent image quality in high definition and outstanding natural colour reproduction for professional requirments.
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    • Overview

      FULL HD can be used for evert endoscopic applcation with high demand .it is easy and flexible to use

      FULL HD can be adjusted individually via integrated on screen menu .setting are stored in an intnal memory .high speed,complete digital image proceesing ,separated for red,green and blue colour channels,enable high end image quality.
      For sharp images up to the highest details we recommend using the new HD endoscopes and HD TV-couplers.
      High speed complete digital image processing ,separated for red,green and blue color channels,enables high end image quality with excellent natural color reproduction.

    • Main Features

      Full resolution of 1920 *1080

      • True HD format of 16:9
      • Integratable to 16:9 (16:10)
      • HD TV /LCD monitor

      Progressive Plan

      Create a picture signal with double the scan lines of a convential interlaced picture ,to create a noticeably sharper image .it offers higher picture quality and eliminates virtually all motion artlfacts

      Multilingual menu

      Camera sitting (like color ,brightness ,area) can be made in the on-screen –menu .setting are stored in memory .This menu is avalible in different lanaguage like English,Deutsch,francais ,Espanol,Italiano,Portugues.

      Character Generator

      Creates on-screen –information on all video outputs by using standard PS2 keyboards(Keyboardoptional).


      • Digital
      • HDMI-DVI 1 * HDMI With full resolution of 1080p ,it can be usedby special connection as DVI-D
        2* HD SDI(1080i)
      • Analog
      • 1 * RGB/COMP (1080i)
      • 1 *Y/C downscaled to standard resolution
      • 1 *CVBS downscaled to standard resolution
    • Other Features

      2,5 Digital Zoom

      Up to 2,5 digital zoom via push –buttons

      Freeze function

      The image on the screen can be frozen via push buttons on the camera head or an optional footswitch.

      On screen menu

      Camera setting ( like color ,brighness,area,can be made in the on screen menu .setting are stored in memory

      3 User setting storable

      3 user orientated profiles can be pre-programmed

      Area function

      Is a multitude of different brighness measurment fields ,Quantity of measurment fields and form of this area is changeable. This function controls the shutter-level for best illuminated picture


      Camera head with cable and connector( using attached cap) can be immersed in a disinfectant solution

      Optional accessories

      Water Proof, Footswitch

      HD full Resolution 1080p

      • high image quality with progressive scan

      • full HD resolution
      • digital zoom
      • freeze function
      • remote camera head
      • character generator
      • multilingual menu

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